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Pick my brain

  • I'm often being asked about my move to Paris. How did I find an apartment? When did I learn French? What VISA am I on? I'm even often asked about my teaching English experience. As much as I'd love to answer all of your DM's, it's hard to dedicate time to everyone. Here you have my undivided attention to ask those questions & finally get answers. 

  • Once you have checked out, we can schedule a time that will work best and determine any questions you may have. After all of that is confirmed, you'll be sent an email confirming your session. This will be a one-hour video call. 


    During our session, you can ask relatively anything. My goal is to help you in the best way I can, sharing knowledge that I've learned through trial and error, asking a lot of questions, and living in Paris since 2017. Grab your glass of orange juice, a glass of wine, or a baguette & let's chat. :)

    Here are some topics we can cover:

    • Moving abroad

    • Finding an apartment in Paris

    • French visas

    • Au Pairing

    • Life abroad as an expat

    • Vlogging & content creation

    • Following your dreams

    • Social media management

    • English teaching abroad & maybe more!

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