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Digital Nomad-Friendly Cafes in Paris

(map included)

This list has been over a year in the making. Through confinements, re-openings, and businesses just not surviving the pandemic - this list has had to change, as many of us have. In order to accommodate that this will be a running list that is updated regularly. Now there are a lot of places to work in Paris, however, sometimes they come with their caveats. Either their prices are abhorrent, or the place is so small that you feel like an absolute asshole for having your laptop out while the table next to you is having their escargot. (Some places even have restrictions on which times you can have a laptop out for that reason.) I've sat awkwardly in too many cafes ordering overpriced cappuccinos to not share which ones are actually worth paying for. P.S. If you don't wanna read through all of my chatting just click here and see my map!

Clint 12eme -

Good wifi, outlets, and good vibes. What more could your digital heart need? Clint checks all of the boxes. The staff is friendly and it has this really unique covered-terrace type thing going on that helps you people-watch while you're procrastinating. (iykyk) As with a lot of places, it's pretty busy during lunchtime. So morning or after 2PM is best.

Columbus Café & Co 12eme -

This is what I want Starbucks to be. This place serves food and coffee that actually tastes good. All shade, all tea. So if you have a long workday it can accommodate. Although they have multiple locations, I can only recommend the one in the 12eme, because a lot of the other locations are simply to-go.

Pret-A-Manger (multiple locations) -

Let me start off by saying, this is a chain restaurant. Idk about you, but I'm all for any chain restaurant that isn't Starbucks... has this become a Starbucks shitpost? Whoops. We love a chain restaurant! Why? Consistency. If I'm in the area and just need a place to work for a bit, I'll pop on in. The seats are comfy (which is a feat in Paris) and honestly... One of the employees always gives me a free coffee when I visit, so why would I not put this on the list?

Le Bichat 10eme -

This is the place that gave me my first taste of freedom. It's an open concept, and it has so much natural light which is a saving grace when it comes to gloomy Paris winters. Again, it's one of those popular hipster places in Paris so lunch-rush do be wild. However, it's next to Canal St. Martin. Cute.

Now I know that I've already crapped on Starbucks multiple times in this post, so I'm sure this next one might surprise you...

Starbucks Capucines 2eme -

I know, I know, I'm a hypocrite but PACIFICALLY this one. Now I can only recommend this one only if you're serious about waking up at the crack of dawn and running down to nag a table. This one comes with high honors because it is very Victorian-esque. Imagine you're in the Chateau Versailles, but it's a Starbucks. Worth the visit? You decide because with all that being said... it is the most packed Starbucks you'll probably set foot in. Also, there aren't any outlets and the bathrooms are often nasty. So... Allez at your own risk.

Strada Café 5eme -

Serving you hipster ambiance to the fullest. It's not the largest, but it gives you enough space to help you feel like you're not sitting on top of other people. Are the prices a little much? Absolutely. However, this little gem makes you take a moment and be like damn, I am in Paris. And for that reason alone, you'd be willing to buy that overpriced avocado toast.

Le Pavillon des Canaux 10eme -

This one I can conditionally recommend. If you really want a super cool, edgy, artsy kinda unique cafe directly on the Canal and can manage to make it during their very confined working hours, sure. They only allow laptops between the hours of 12PM-2:30Pm and again after 7PM. So as I said. Conditionally. With that being said, this location is the most unique. You want to work in a bathtub overlooking the Canal? Hop on over. Another warning - this shop is very popular so finding a place isn't all that guaranteed.

La Felicità 13eme -

A true hidden, yet well-known gem. If I could give any place the highest recommendations for working, it would be this place. It's tucked away in the 13eme of Paris. An arrondissement that is seldom discussed. This place is not the most central, but definitely still lively. When you first visit you feel like you've walked into the coolest rainforest cafe - but better. It is the ultimate cafeteria-style vibes. Also, it is huge for Paris standards, so you don't have to worry about any servers breathing down your neck (it even has a second floor which I didn't realize until the 32nd visit.) In fact, it's the place I'm writing this article from. If you can make a trek to the 13eme arrondissement this should be your go-to. Also, they have some of the lowest coffee prices in Paris. 3€ for an almond milk cappuccino? Yas. Period. Slay. All of the words. Yes.

Nuage Café 5eme -

This is one of the cafes that you'll be constantly recommended when you google "Best Cafes to Work in Paris," and I agree... somewhat so. Firstly, it is 5€ per hour, so if you're like me and could easily work for 6 hours... I wouldn't say it's worth it. Something in my spirit doesn't sit right paying 25 bucks without getting food in return. The ambiance is super cute, and it's quite tucked away in a quaint part of Paris. However, it didn't do much for me. Overall I found it quite small and not at all tall people-friendly. Plus there's not much seating so if you don't arrive early - you probably won't find a suitable working space. This one is a very much your choice kinda situation. In this case, however, it makes the list because if you're on this side of the river, there aren't many options.

Bo & Mie 1er -

Smack dab in the middle of Paris. You hop off the metro at Louvre Rivoli and voila, you've arrived. For that reason alone, it's worth it because it's simply the most accessible... This is also a chain, but this location is the largest and has great views of landmarks in Paris. Now of course this part of Paris is pretty touristy, but if you grab yourself a seat in the back, it shouldn't be much of a problemo.

KB CaféShop 9eme -

This one was unexpectedly cool. I'm not often in the 9eme, (for the hills alone) but when you do make the trip up there you're greeted with an adorable sight. This coffee shop looks out directly on a merry-go-round. Which, I don't know about you, but it's a fun little sight to see when you come up for air after sending 276 emails. KB is very well-known for its coffee and rightfully so. It's not the cheapest of places, but one of those that I can say are worth the coins. Plus, there's something about the 9eme arrondissement of Paris that encapsulates you.

La Recyclerie 18eme -

You wanna talk about hard to get to? It's this place. Of course, it depends on where you're coming from but for me, being near the center this one is indeed a trek. That is the only reason I don't visit this place more often. That and... the dreaded wooden seats. I don't know why Parisians are obsessed with their flat, wooden seats, but my booty doesn't last after 2 hours in them. This is one of the things this list is based on - comfy seats, outlets, space, and of course good wifi. This place is also pretty large for Paris standards so it's very easy to dive into your work and lose track of time.

Honorable Mentions

Télumée 18eme -

This is again one of the places that have my highest recommendations. It's not very well-known so it isn't taken over by digital workers (like me), the food is absolutely delicious, AND it's black-owned.

The only reason it's in honorable mentions is because... I'm cheap. I only like paying coworking prices if I really wanna splurge, otherwise I just wanna buy your cheapest espresso and suck up your wifi for 10 hours. Nbd. It's a restaurant and co-working space that is well worth the visit because it's too damn cute. The co-working portion clocks in at 5/hour which is pretty standard for Paris. It also has an awesome terrace that you must take advantage of during the Spring/Summer months.

La Permanence (multiple locations) -

After being spoiled by a WeWork membership for a few months, other coworking spaces just don't do it for me anymore. Iykyk. Nevertheless, if you need something super cheap and open 24hrs - this place does the trick. During the second confinement here in Paris, this bad boy helped my sanity by being cheap and accessible all day. Starting at around 1per hour you really can't beat the prices...

I hope this list of digital-nomad-friendly workspaces in Paris helps you out. Whether you're a student who needs a place to get some homework done, or you need to clock in for a full shift - these are some of my go-to's being in both positions.

Let's catch up soon! <3


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